My confidence has soared!


My day job is nuclear medicine.  After working most of my adult life, I realized it was time to look at my future and retirement.  Taking this class has given me the confidence to start working my home based business and my sales have increased 32% and growing.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

Steve Allen

Columbia, Missouri

My job ended....


Change is never easy but just getting married and having my job change was a biggie.  I was moving out of a corporate environment into a home based independent position from a secure corporate job.   I knew I had to have help and fast!  All I can say is WOW!  Thanks Charlotte.  I have taken my weekly income back to what I was making in my 9-5 as well as my confidence in believing in Me.  it about growing.  Taking the FEAR out in ALL areas from sales to making to personal growth,  my dreams are reality and now, management and leadership here I COME!!

Annalynn Dietzel, Everywhere

Traveling Nurse 

Internet Marketing is my specialty...


Having taken the sales with Charlotte, my internet marketing has grown to a new level and my sales have increased 40%.  Now I see that it is a blend of old school and new techniques that bring success to anyone willing to take the leap of faith and grow.  Thank you for helping me and my team as my leadership skills are moving to a new high and our team growth off the chart!

Justin Springer 

Dallas, TX


After attending a workshop with Charlotte (As A Man Thinketh), I found the dots being connected and where my life was needing adjustments.

I especially loved the part about Character.  The chart made so much sense when looking at different periods in my life, where I was and what I wanted to change.

I can only say THANK YOU!!  and I'm excited about the next class and continuing the journey. 

Beth Bullard, Tulsa, OK


I found my Purpose


After attending the Hot Pursuit class with Charlotte I found myself dreaming again and setting goals.  I had been in a place where I couldn’t get out of this place in my life where everything was just okay – not really growing or finding a lot of happiness in what I was doing.  I had gone through some tough life issues and after the class found me again.  I stepped out, started setting goals and dreaming again to where I now have seen growth not only in myself but able to encourage those around me as well. Charlotte is an influencer and motivator. She nudged me and believed in me until I could believe in myself.

Lisa Kirkley, Tulsa, OK.

Sr. Executive Ambassador, Forever



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