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Charlotte PriceWatts

My sales career began when I was in grade school.  Each year we were given seeds, a card to fill for March Of Dimes, and other fund raising events.  Winning the PRIZE was the goal and I accomplished it each and every year.  My love of sales continued as I graduated from high school first with cosmetics, vitamins, and a plastic bowl company.   Meeting the qualifications to have a car was achieved in just 6 weeks and that car kept me on the road for several years.  Having a taste of success and the income you could earn moved me along on the journey.  

Moving and life created a new challenge.  I found myself in the Corporate world for a short period of time.  I also had the sad experience of finding out when one business opens your last pay check is your last pay check.  

At that time, again knowing working for yourself is the answer; I decided to open my own business which was very successful and for the first time I was earning six figures.  Life again had  a lesson for me, this time a car accident took me OUT!  After being unable to work for about a year, I experienced the loss of everything I owned.  I found myself in the back seat of my car, which was on the re-po list and a pile of debt.  That is when I found Network Marketing and the experience that lead me to the income level I enjoy today.  Along the way  I realized having the right system was the difference maker in success and just existing.   Here is what has transpired:

Experienced Direct Sales/Network Marketing Leader with Major Corporations 25+ years.

Creating and implementing a team building system that propelled the organization and company breaking company records in growth in 5 years with a 50% over all growth rate. Continues to earn high six figures each year from residuals.

Owned and operated my own Successful Business expanding Nation Wide in less than a year.

Developed independent sales and marketing teams for Direct Sales Companies as well as business organizations.


 include earning multiple millions of dollars over the past 20 years while helping thousands of others do the same with a proven success system when followed.

Successfully completed the Certification process to be a part of the #1 Speaker, Coaching, Sales Training organization in the world and work with The John Maxwell International Team 

JMT Mentorship Group  for over 7 years.  

Certified with X-TREME Results Coaching

Certified courses with Empowerment Mentoring

Certified Sales Trainer with Kelly Davis Enterprises 

Adding value to others while building and developing training and marketing materials for personal as well as business growth.  

Partner Positive Success Coaching

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